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Archiving of handling units-HU Archiving. When is a Handling Unit archivable? What is the meaning of the parameters in the HU archiving selection screen?How can archivability of handling units be influenced?

1. When is a Handling Unit archivable?

Regarding the archivability of handling units, generally the following prerequisites exist:

  • If the HU is assigned to a sales and distribution document or to a work order, these documents must already be archived before the HU can be archived. Exception: If the handling unit has the "deleted" status, it can be archived - regardless of the archiving status of the assigned document. Handling units can be assigned to the following document categories:
    • Sales order
    • Outbound delivery
    • Inbound delivery
    • Transport
    • Work order

  • If the handling unit is not assigned to any document, the movement status of the handling unit must be "Goods Issue Posted" (PSTD) "Deleted" (DLTD) or "Not relevant".
  • On account of the hierarchical dependencies of the handling unit, a handling unit can only be archived if the complete hierarchy, including all higher and lower-level handling units, can be archived.
  • The residence time of the handling unit that can be entered on the selection screen of the preparation and archiving program must be reached.

2. What is the meaning of the parameters in the HU archiving selection screen?

The screen divides into two distinct parts:

A. Selection Parameters for Initial Document (HU) Selection

Parameters that are used to extract a subset of handling units from the database that are to be checked for their archivability. The following selection parameters are available there:

  • Handling Unit: External Handling Unit Identification (EXIDV)
  • Internal HU number: Internal Handling Unit Number (VENUM)
  • Warehouse number: Warehouse Number / Warehouse Complex (LGNUM)
  • Created on: Date on which the handling unit was created
  • Changed on: Date on which a handling unit was last changed ATTENTION: For handling units that were not changed at all after the creation this field has value BLANK!

B. Control Data, that is parameters that control the process flow

Residence time :

The Handling Unit's Residence Time (in Days) is the time, in number of days, that must have elapsed since the last change was made to a handling unit, in order for that handling unit to qualify for archiving.

The residence time is calculated based on the last changed date of the handling unit. For handling units were the last changed date is initial the creation date is taken as basis for the calculation.

The case the handling unit has history entries (in table VEVW) that are younger than the basis date determined above the date of the youngest history entry is taken as basis.

Display Detailed Information:

You can use this checkbox to dictate whether a list of handling units that cannot be archived should be displayed in addition to the summary of inspection results.

NOTE: Creation of this list can greatly increase the runtime and demands on memory space, depending on the document quantities that are processed. In other words, if you want to process a large document quantity, do not choose this option.

Also Display Archivable HUs:

This indicator controls the display of archivable handling units in the detail list.

Set this indicator if you want to display archivable handling units in the list. The system displays these HUs in the list with an initial reason. If the indicator is not set, the system does only display archivable handling units.

NOTE: You can only set the indicator if you have also set the indicator for displaying the detailed information.

3.How can archivability of handling units be influenced?

You can complementary Implement your own restrictions in the user exit that is available in the SAP enhancement 'V51R0001'.

4. What must be noticed when using the 'Archive Active Free HUs w/o IM' as of note 923198 functionality?

When having created and published the user parameter coming with this note, a complementary parameter is available in the archiving selection screen in the control parameters section:

'Archive Active Free HUs without IM'

This indicator controls whether also handling units fulfilling the following conditions can be archived:

  • the HU stands in a non HU managed storage location
  • the HU is not defined as 'pick-HU' for any Transfer Order
  • the HU is not managed in a Decentralize Warehouse Management System and you are working in the Central ERP system.

The HUs that become archivable due to this enhancement get labelled with reason '00' in the resulting display. The total amount is summarized under category "Active free-HU without IM (can be archived)" and is dark green highlighted. If you mark 'Display detailed information' during the archivability check, those HUs are highlighted with dark green as well.

BE CARFUL when you run the archiving programs with the parameter 'Archive Active Free HUs without IM' set on! SAP recommends to use this feature only in exceptional cases and for a well defined subset of handling units which you cannot get archivable (that is to status 'posted GI' or 'deleted') with standard means.

No additional checks than the three above described criteria are performed. - This means you are technically able to archive almost ALL of the non-assigned handling units on your client.

It is under customer responsibility to ensure that only HUs that will no longer be needed by the business are archived as the archiving criteria are here dependent on customer specific business requirements that are out of SAP influence!

The selection criteria you are entering in the archiving reports become very important when using this feature:

In agreement with the business you might want to check for archivability a subset of HU numbers (venum and/or exidv), only 'old' HUs (creation date from - to) or 'last changed a long time ago' (change date from - to).

Also the residence time parameter is particular important here.

You further might think about implementing customer/business specific checks in the under point 3. described user exit.

CAUTION: A 'changed on' selection range or interval including the value 'blank' is not very selective - ALL unchanged handling units have here the value 'blank'!

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