4/6/2016 6:35:33 AM

Change pointer in the material master in SAP ECC

1. Change documents must be written to allow change pointers to be generated. Is the "Change document" indicator set in the field type (domain) of the affected field?

2. If you are using "Enter Storage Locations Collectively" (transaction MMSC) or "Direct Input" (report RMDATIND):  Is the "Create change documents" indicator set?

3. Is a distribution lock set in the cross-plant material status (field MARA-MSTAE)? You use transaction OMS4 to customize the material status.

4. Are change pointers activated generally in transaction BD61?

5. Are change pointers activated specifically for the affected message type in transaction BD50? The message type is MATMAS for the material master, ARTMAS for the article master of IS Retail, or a customer-specific or reduced message type.

6. Is the affected field entered in transaction BD52 for the relevant message type? The change pointer object is MATERIAL for the message type MATMAS; the change pointer object is MAT_FULL for the message type ARTMAS.

7. If it is a reduced message type: Is it activated in transaction BD53?

8. Is the Busines Ad-In (BAdI) BDCP_BEFORE_WRITE implemented and does the change pointer filter before the write process?

9. As of Enhancement Package 4, the change pointers are stored only in the new storage location in the table BDCP2 (not the tables BDCP and BDCPS). Note 305462 describes the new storage location. Note 1165059 explains how you should proceed when upgrading to Enhancement Package 4.

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