8/13/2016 12:17:40 AM

This blog will give you how to create or generate a test inbound queue in SAP. SMQR is used to Registration of Inbound Queues and program RSTRFCT5 is used to create test queue entry. Function module TRFC_QIN_BP_REQUEST is used to trigger background task using the function module RESTART_OF_BACKGROUNDTASK.

Below the step by step will give you how to create or generate a test inbound queue in SAP.

Step 1) Go to SMQR and register a dummy queue,  like 'SPOOLTEST*'.

Step 2) Then Deregister the queue (the Type will be U).

Step 3) Then create a test queue entry. Go to SE38 and run report RSTRFCT5 and give QNAME as 'SPOOLTEST'.

Note : Please note that the Star(*) will not be end with the queue name

Step 4) Now check the value of the newly created TID in SMQR and copy it.

We can use either SMQR or SMQ2 to see the inbound queue entry

Step 5) Go to SE37 and execute function module TRFC_QIN_BP_REQUEST. Give the following: 

REPORT = RSTRFCIC andT ID = [value copied]

Once you execute the function module TRFC_QIN_BP_REQUEST then the background task will be called using the function module RESTART_OF_BACKGROUNDTASK

Step 6) Go to SM37 and find the corresponding job. (QRFC:*)

Queue status will stored into SPOOL.

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