1/5/2016 5:45:41 PM

Large table growth in MM inventory management

Performance, archiving, MM, inventory management MSEG, MKPF, MBEW

Causes for large data growth in tables MKPF and MSEG:

1. Document life not defined in Customizing

              In the customizing no document life is defined for a certain plant and operation type. All material documents that refer to such a combination cannot be archived despite of regular archiving sessions. With the help of Transaction ST14 (materials management component) you can determine the plant and operations types for which no document life has been assigned in the customizing in the displayed tree under "Reorganization of Material Documents". Double click on "Document life is exceeded". The data is only available if a MM analysis has been scheduled in Transaction ST14 and performed. (select "material documents" in the analysis).

2. Frequent record updating, correction or reversal due to incorrect input in the case of goods movement.

3. Unnecessary material transfers

General information:

a) Ensure a reasonable archiving concept exists and is used.

b) Archive the table mentioned above regularly. Change to Tools -> Administration -> Administration -Archiving (Transaction SARA) and use the following archiving object:

Material documents: MM_MATBEL

Detailed information on archiving in MM can be found in the Sap library. Change to SAP library, Cross-application components ->CA archiving of application data -> MM material management. General information on data archiving can be found in the SAP library under Cross-application components -> CA archiving of application data -> Introduction to data archiving. In the SAPnet enter alias "data-archiving" after the web address on the archiving page of SAP. There, you will find further information like the best practices model in the knowledge corner.

c) Table MBEW (material valuation) is not included in the archiving object MM_MATBEL and is therefore not archived when archiving material documents. This table is only archived when archiving material master records (archiving object MM_MATNR)

Material documents:

Maintain the document life for archiving the material documents in the customizing:

Material management -> Inventory management -> Determine document life (Transaction OMB9)

Define the document life for each plant and operation type. The document life defines the interval (in days) after which a document of the financial accounting and the material management can be archived at the earliest. The value should be adjusted to the specific business process. Value 0 e.g. means that the documents can be archived in the next archiving session. This only make sense, if there will definitely be no post processing of the documents or if you do not need them for reporting in the near future. A reasonable document life is about 1 year or 200 working days.

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