4/6/2016 6:23:08 AM

Material or article is not transferred from ECC to SCM-Changes to the material master, or the article master of SAP Retail, are not transferred from the ECC system to the SCM system, even though the settings in the ECC system are correct.

1. Transaction BF11: Are the applications ND-APO and NDI activated?

2. Transaction CFC9: Which setting is made for the "Material Master Change Transfer"?

              If the field is initial, the changes are not transferred. If it is set to "1: ALE Change Transfer", they are transferred periodically. If it is set to "2: BTE Transfer", they are transferred immediately.

3. For ALE change transfer, change pointers must be written. For this, check the points described in Note 1139020. The message type is CIFMAT, the object is MATERIAL for the material master and MAT_FUL for the article master. The transfer is triggered via transaction CFP1 or the report RCPTRANS.

4. For BTE transfer, the interface module for the corresponding business transaction event must be registered. Ensure that the following entries exist in transaction BF31:

For the material master: Event 00001250 application ND-APO function module NDPLG_APO_001_00001250_MAT

For the article master: Event 00001270 application ND-APO function module NDPLG_APO_001_00001250_MAT

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