1/18/2016 12:01:18 PM

In real business many SAP BASIS consultants facing the issue-Operating System call xxxx failed-An error code was returned by the operating system. The error number depends on the hardware. This error is reflected as syslog message Q0I-Operating system call recv failed (error no. 73 ).

To analyze this, proceed as follows:

With transaction ST11 or AL11, read the developer trace in question (in most cases, this is dev_disp or dev_ms). This contains the complete message.

On UNIX systems, you can get information via the 'man' command at operating system level, for example:

man recv

the error code file:


These utilities do not exist under WindowsNT. The numbering is based on Posix standard (which incidentally also uses OSF/1). 10000 is added to the corresponding number.

On Open/VMS the following procedure works:   $ set default sys$library

  $ lib/list/text decc$rtldef.tlb

  $ lib/extract=errno/out=<filename>/text decc$rtldef.tlb

  $ search <filename> <error number>

Possible cause:

The SAP Dispatcher (part of the application server) has lost the

connection to a terminal process.  For example, this happens when the

terminal program (GUI) terminates without correctly logging off the

application server.

Activate network trace in SAP then we will come to know the exact cause and many cases the issue is with connectivity issue.

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