12/29/2015 8:23:35 AM

1. Accounting - General

CLOCO Closing Cockpit - Execution
CLOCO_ACE Closing Cockpit - Accrual Engine
CLOCO_MIG Closing Cockpit - Migration
CLOCOC Closing Cockpit - Customizing
CLOCOS Closing Cockpit - Aggregated View
CLOCOS_MY Closing Cockpit - Aggregated View
OMGEN Generate Organizational Units
OMGENP Generate Organizational Units
WLMCO_OM_OPA Worklist Monitor for CO-OM
WLMCO_PC_OBJ Worklist Monitor for COC
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_COSTOBJ WL Monitor - Cost Objects
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_MTO WL Monitor for Sales Order Item
WLMCO_PC_OBJ_PRODORD WL Monitor - Mfg Orders & PCC

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