3/2/2016 6:23:00 PM

Version management in SAP SMARTFORMS

As everyone aware SMARTFORMS replace SAPscript forms. SAPscript forms will still be supported in the future. SMARTFORMS are client independent but there is no version management like reports. I have gone through many forums about Version management in SAP Smart Forms but no solution but still some extent we can try.

In my experience I am explaining you that, I have done plenty of changes into the existing SMARTFORMS and it got moved to Production environment without taking backup. Now business wanted to revert the change. Tried with help from BASIS (use SE03) but no success then luckily I have checked in Sandbox system and I found the SMARTFORMS are available. I have downloaded (SMARTFORMS->Utilities->Download Form) now and uploaded into Development system and finally moved to Production.

Please note: Whenever you are doing changes in either SAPscript or SMARTFORMS please download the existing forms and do your changes. No way to retrieve earlier versions in SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript.

Smart Forms and SAPscripts are not possible to compare directly but can be achieved to some extent by comparing the generated Function modules in each line. This can be done using the Transaction SE39-Split Screen editor.

Note that the generated Function Module names will not be same across all systems.

Please find below the detailed steps will gives version comparison from DEV->PPD->PRD

Step 1) Get the function module name for a Smart Form

Go to transaction SMARTFORMS->Form->Click display

Select the menu Environment->Function Module Name

Step 2) Go to transaction code SE37 and FM name (ex. /1BCDWB/SF00000174)->Click Display and double click Program Name which is marked below.

Step 3) Copy the include name which is marked below

Note: The same method (Step 1 to Step 3) continue for target server (PPD/PRD)

Step 4) Go to transaction code SE39-Split Screen editor

Click Compare different System which is given below

Now Source system will be coming by default and choose RFC Destination and click Display

Input the logon details of the system to be compared (target system).

Comparison screen appears. Click on the "Comparison On" button to continue the process.

Select "Next Difference from cursor", "Next Identical section from cursor" options to analyse the difference and the same procedure is carried out till the end.           

There is no option to compare the forms directly. But, the entire list of requests available for a Smart Form can be obtained from which the number of changes done can be captured.

Step 5) Go to transaction SE03 (Transport Organizer Tools). Drill down Transport Organizer Tools->Objects in.  Double click on Search for objects in Requests/Task.

This program searches for objects in requests and tasks.

You can specify the objects in the selection screen. Some object types used frequently are already listed, you only need to enter the name of the object itself (generically if you want). You can enter other object types yourself.

You can restrict the requests/tasks by entering, for example, the number of the request, the owner, date changed, status, or the request type.


Objects often consist of many sub-objects. If you also want to search for all sub-objects, select the option Also search for sub-objects. This option is normally deactivated, since the set of objects can be very large.


A list of the requests/tasks appears with short texts, request owner, request type, request status and date. Choose Basic view to reduce the amount of detail displayed.

You can select requests and choose Expand. You can then see which object was found in this request.

You can change from the Requests view to the Objects view by choosing Go to > Objects view. A list appears of the objects that were found.

The screen appears as below. In the Object Selection type, enter the Object type as"SSFO" and give the Smart Form name and Execute.

Now system will List of all the Requests related to that Smart Form are displayed from which the changes can be traced. 

I could not share the TR details since it is a sensitive.


Whenever you are doing changes in either SAPscript or SMARTFORMS please download the existing forms and do your changes. No way to retrieve earlier versions in SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript.

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