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Connection between SAP to Non-SAP

Step 1) Define Logical System

Step 2) Create RFC Destinations

Step 3) Maintenance of Distribution Model

Step 4) Generate Partner profile

Step 5) BizTalk configuration

Step 6) Connection test in SAP

Step 7) Create filter in BizTalk

Step 8) Final step

More details please click the link  http://www.sappractical.com/home/blogd/outbound-idoc-connectivity-from-sap-to-biztalk

Connection between non-SAP to SAP

Non-SAP systems can be like Java or .Net or any other programming languages. Other programming languages can connect to SAP using RFC with help of System IP, SAP user id with password. Below the sample for Java to SAP connection.

JCO.Client connClient = null;

        IRepository mRepository;

     connClient = JCO.createClient("<SAP Client>","<UserId>","<Password>","EN","<Application server host name>","<system number>");

        try {


     } catch (Exception ex)





     mRepository = new JCO.Repository("Hell", connClient);

     JCO.Function strHELLO = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("ZSAU_FM_ASSIGNMENT").getFunction();

     JCO.ParameterList importParam = strHELLO.getImportParameterList();


     try {


     }catch (JCO.AbapException ex)



If your system is an Biztalk then please use below the link.


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    why did you go for Bapi over Bdc