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EDI: Partner profile not available in SAP-Message no. E0332. An inbound partner profile could not be found with the following key. Fields of table EDP21 are missing in the incoming idoc

Idocs are stuck in status 56. No partner profile available for an incoming idoc. SNDPRN  partner number of sender. SNDPRT  partner type of sender. SNDPFC  partner function of sender. MESTYP  logical message type. MESCOD  logical message code.

Actually idoc was received into SAP system for which no inbound partner profile could not be found. The key fields are received in the idoc control record.

The key fields given in the control record need to match an entry in the partner profiles table, EDP21. If they don't, the idoc receives a status of 56.

The key fields of table EDP21 are as follows:

-SNDPRN  partner number of sender

-SNDPRT  partner type of sender

-SNDPFC  partner function of sender

-MESTYP  logical message type

-MESCOD  logical message code

-MESFCT  logical message function

-TEST    test flag


Due to security reason I have not given the partner details and the SE16 table entries.

Step 1) Check the long text of the status 56 record first, there you will find the key record which should match an entry in the table EDP21.

Step 2) Check the table EDP21 to see which record is missing. You can see from the picture below that there is no entry maintained for INVL for the given partner number BIZTALK01 in table EDP21.

Step 3) Create a partner profile in transaction WE20 using the information given in the long text of the status 56 record.

Note :

One other very special case can be where key fields in the control record of the idoc actually matches the information in table EDP21. But the idoc still receives a status of 56. For the fields RCVPFC and SNDPFC we use in all dialogs the conversion form EDIPV (because the used domain is EDI_PARVW). On the database we don't save the value depending on the used language as there is a conversion exit behind that field so that you do not see the value that is stored on the database, but rather a language dependent one. On all dynpros you can insert 'VN' and before saving on the database this value will be converted to 'LF'. If you look at the entries then you see 'VN', but on the database you can find only 'LF'. If you send idocs, then the fields RCVPFC and SNDPFC have to be filled with 'LF' instead of 'VN' to account for this.

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