Terms & Privacy

SAPPractical.com regards your privacy. This privacy policy explains the personal info we gather from you and the mode in which we use that info. This confidentiality policy is for both our collection as well as use of info when you use SAPPractical.com and the kinds of data that we gather when you sign in and use our services.

What is personal info?
Personal info is the data which helps in identifying you as a person, or sometimes we will be able to combine with voluntarily accessible info to recognize you as a person.

What personal data we gather and how we utilize it?
The main reasons for which we gather as well as sending email communications regarding SAP Blogs.

When you visit SAPPractical.com, our servers routinely register certain info like your IP address, the type of your browser, your OS, language of the browser as well as service provider. We in addition gather info with regard to your activities on our sites, like the web pages you browse or the advertisements or connections you click on.

When you visit SAPPractical.com for the first time you will be assigned an exceptional number and this is stored in our cookies on the hard drive of your computer. These cookies assist us to differentiate new guests from returning guests.

We also gather info that you willingly present to us. Such data include your name, postal address, phone number, or even email address. This info may be included by you when you mail us or even text us or inform us over the phone, or send us an SMS or any other mode of corresponding. Your phone calls as well as emails may be recorded or observed to control quality, training plus similar reasons.

Privacy: For our Marketing strategy we are not sharing any personal information of our clients with third party.We are quite aware of the fact that our client’s information is our prime asset

No agency: Both SAPPractical.com and You are independent identity contractors; hence this agreement is not created for any agency, partnership, joint venture, and employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship